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Just your average traveling priest

Tales of an oddball priest

Abel Nightroad
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI am Father Abel Nightroad at your service! I'm just simple priest on tour for the Vactian.

Hello I'm Abel-chan! Pleased to meet you! First off I am a girl, most people tend to think that I am guy because my name is taken from a male anime character. It doesn't really bother me that people think I am a guy, so no harm done. My character name came from an anime series called "Trinity Blood" his name is Abel Nightroad, a traveling priest for the vatican. I can relate very much to this character, plus he also a lot of depth to him as well. I do plan on cosplaying as this character, in fact I am still working on my outfit right now! If you couldn't tell by now I am a huge anime/manga fan! Some of my favorite series of all time are "Trinity Blood," "Excel Saga," "Revolutionary Girl Utena," "Neon Genesis Evangelion," and "Sailor Moon." I had kinda fallen out of the anime/manga scene, until I was up one night and was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon "Trinity Blood." I was hooked from the start and had to run out and buy the DVDs the next day. XD So now I have gotten back into my beautiful and lovely anime and manga once again! I'm usually an easygoing, happy, boring girl. I tend to write about my fandoms and my what goes on in my life, which isn't anything special. XD Sometimes I do rant and I put those behind lj cuts, so you don't have read them unless you want too. So don't come complaining to me about rants, when it's already behind a cut. :P I also usually friend those who friend me. I do play video games once in awhile, well when I get the time too. ^_^; I pretty much just work and hang out on the computer. Well that's pretty much it for me, well that's all I can think of at the moment! XD

PS: If you see any icons that I am using that isn't credited or not credited correctly, please leave a comment and I will fix it right away! Thanks! :D Also my little picture that I am using in my profile is by SamanthaKateena at deviantART! I have a gaia online account, my user name is Abel-chan Nightroad! Please free feel to add me as friend there! Oh yeah my little Abel doll was adopted here at! http://lightdream.free.fr/indexed_colors/ Oh yeah I also like 13 lumps of sugar in my tea!

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"Why can’t I float into the sky like the wind, like the clouds? I don't have wings, Why?
Like the stars, like the moon, I have no wings enfolding everything and sinking into the night, ah..."

Dress(Bloody Trinity Mix) By: BUCK-TICK

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Colorbar joint effort between kimivalkyrie and zero_phantom
Abel Nightroad is peanut-butter-jelly-sandwich kresnik love

Angsty Abel is emo love!

Crusnik Abel is dangerous love!

Silly Abel is crack love!

Abel x Esther is crazy love!

+Toribla is Abel love+
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